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If you’re in-the-know in Newman, you’ve got the name of the best electricians in the area. For 20 years, Superior Electricians have kept the lights on in Newman through emergency repair services, maintenance services and our great selection of electrical upgrade services.

Losing electricity in your home or business can be a sign that your electrical system is in need of repair. Make sure to call Superior Electricians 678-674-4779 when you’ve got electric concerns, smell plastic burning, see flickering lights, frequently overload your breaker or experience power surges.


Can you install your own light fixtures?

Yes, you can install your own light fixtures, but you will need to get a permit to do so. If you are not comfortable working with electrical wiring, lack the correct tools or lack the correct amount of electrical knowledge, you should have an electrician install your light fixture for you. Installing a new light fixture will require knowledge of electrical code and circuitry. If done incorrectly, it could pose a safety risk to you and your home, which is why it is best to have a licensed and insured electrician perform the installation. To get light fixtures installed, give us a call today.

Do you need an electrician to replace a light fixture?

No, you do not need an electrician to replace a light fixture. However, you may want to have an electrician replace a light fixture for you if: 

  • You are not familiar with electrical code. 
  • You do not have the proper equipment.
  • You are not comfortable with electrical work. 

Although, if you are knowledgeable about electrical connections and you have the right tools, then you should be able to replace your own light fixture fairly easily. Replacing a light fixture is simpler than installing a new light fixture since the wiring is already in place. To get a light fixture replaced, contact us today.

Are backup generators worth the cost?
Yes, backup generators are worth the cost. Some benefits of backup generators include: 
  • They keep your home’s HVAC system running. 
  • They prevent the food in your fridge from spoiling. 
  • They allow you to keep you home well lit. 
If you live in an area that experiences long power outages often, they are especially useful. When you have a backup generator, you do not have to worry about a loss of electricity or your food going bad when a power outage occurs. To get a backup generator for your home, call us today.

Superior Services For Your Electric Repair Needs:

Turning On Automation, Electric Car Charging Stations

Our Superior Electricians are a talented breed and while we love the challenge and excitement of electric repairs, we also love the innovation of enhancing your home with modern technology.  Whether it’s with a ceiling fan to bring a breeze or an electric car charging station to step into the future. Many electrical services shy away from these complex installations because they lack the skill and knowledge we’ve gained over two decades in the Newman area.


Superior Electrician Services in Newman, GA

Interested in how Superior Electricians can improve your life? Call 678-674-4779 or book an appointment  so you can take advantage of our exceptional service and low prices today. You’ll have peace of mind and less hassle at home.

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