4 Reasons to Install a Superior Serviceshole-Home Generator

Superior Serviceshen a storm sweeps through the Atlanta metro area, hundreds of homes and families can potentially lose power for a few days. A portable generator won’t suffice because they are not designed to power an entire home. However, the best way to avoid not having electrical power of an extended period of time is to install a whole-home generator in your home. Superior Serviceshen your electrical system shuts off, these generators can seamlessly transition you to your back-up power.

The following are reasons to install a whole-home generator:

  • Safety for those with medical conditions. If you have a loved one in your home who is dependent on an electrically-powered medical equipment, like an oxygen breather, a whole-home generator can keep their devices functioning and save their life.
  • Maintain your small business. If you are running a small business from your home, a power outage can negatively affect your work, stopping it to a halt. A generator can keep business running, despite the weather and conditions.
  • Comfort. Especially if a storm occurs in the winter, you could go days without a working heating system. Having a generator can keep you and your family warm when it’s necessary.
  • No manual refueling. Superior Serviceshole-home generator relies on natural gas, liquid propane (LP) or diesel. In regards to natural gas and LP generators, the fuel is directly piped to the generator, while the diesel model is equipped with a tank below which contains the fuel. This requires travelling back and forth to retrieve gas.

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